PRODUCT : photo finish luminizing foundation primer by Smashbox

Luminous, radiant skin is something I covet. Though there are numerous products on the market that promise a range of illuminating properties, excess shimmer seems to always overpower the effect of a subtler glow. I think the difficulty lies somewhere in the distinction between radiance and shine. Everyone wants to be radiant; no one wants to be shiny.

Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer is an oil-free, velvety skin prep that manages to both fill in fine lines and layer skin with a soft bronzed glow. Unlike most luminizers, which rely on cool silvery tones to brighten up skin, this formula leaves behind a super fine layer of pigment that suggests an equal mix of rust and gold. Applied in varying degrees under foundation, a nice dose on the cheekbones, a slight hint on the forehead and chin, and I am left with what could only be mistaken for a sultry, sun-kissed glow.





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